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Concept creation, strategy, future vision, user experience design, content strategy, social strategy.

Date: 2009

Agency: Conchango

Engaging with Virgin Atlantic over a number of projects, we looked to reconnect the brand with its origin of differentiation, and to provide a digital vision of the brand customer experience.

To do this we focused on three key areas: to differentiate on experience, use customer data effectively and imaginatively, and challenge the perception of travel booking. This enabled us to create a total experience design for the Virgin Atlantic brand.


Brand leapfrogging

A strategy project to provide a fully rounded digital presence for the future, and to provide disruptive thinking on how different types of customers will research, book, plan and interact with travel based digital touch points. The directing proposition sought to connect the brand with its roots through glamorous design features and thrilling content to leapfrog the competition.

The experience design

The leapfrog strategy provided a roadmap of activity, the first of which was to redesign the website home page. By revisiting the content and functionality to bring some of the brand’s “sparkle” whilst keeping the journey consistent with the pages beyond the home page, which were not changing, we brought the fun and inspiration back to a dated and dull experience.

The results

The creative and strategic presentation was showcased at board level, demonstrating new and unique thinking that enabled VAA to potentially leapfrog its competitors, and resulted in kickstarting a full site redesign.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

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