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Race tuned

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Date: 2015

Agency: Amaze

A 360˚ digital immersive driving experience that takes you inside the brutal elegance of the RC F, and the split second decision making of a real track race.

The big idea

Lexus were launching the most powerful V8 road car engine they had ever produced, and to bring this brutal power to live we took it back to its roots: the race track.

The solution 

A virtual reality race where the driver selects from two models: a smooth or aggressive drive. The branching experience was filmed at the Ascari race track and created for Oculus Rift, then translated into an immersive mobile app, with 3d Google cardboard compatibility, and 360˚ interactive YouTube videos


Increase on download target
with over 4,000 downloads


Star user rating on iTunes and 4.6 rating on Google Play.

Correct for campaign timeframe

Lexus Europe

Lexus RC F 360˚ race

(4m 02s)

© Lexus Europe

This video is best viewed in a desktop GOOGLE CHROME browser, or YouTube mobile app.

'For the RC F we have created an amazing virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed and shared by anyone, anywhere – without the traditional hardware limitations. The combination of realism, multi-platform availability and YouTube 360˚ video streaming makes it truly a world first.'

Spiros Fotinos, Head of Marketing Lexus Europe 

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