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Digital strategy, digital transformation, campaign strategy, experience design, creative direction, content strategy, social strategy

Date: 2014-2016

Agency: Amaze

Strategically leading a team and account that provided digital partnership for Lexus Europe across brand and business planning, campaign management, innovation and strategic direction for the future.

The premium automotive marketing is a hugely competitive one, and our client had bold ambitions but low awareness. 


Digitally we could make a difference.

My role was to work closely with the senior client team to plan, create and deliver brand strategy throughout Europe, and to develop the roadmap for the increased role of digital in the business and onmichannel customer journey across all areas of the Lexus business, from marketing to retailer.

The strategic objective

Over the last two years I worked closely alongside marketing, media and PR partner agencies to plan and deliver effective and innovative digital experiences and tools, and award winning European level integrated campaigns that resulted in sales growth, conversion uplift and increased brand awareness.


As a result we embedded premium led innovation into the digital toolkit through the blending of emotional and rational content and tools, apps, interactive websites and media, personalisation, the introduction of virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences to create beauty with purpose and place digital at the heart of the client strategy.

Notable achievements

My time on the Lexus account was a successful one, working collaboratively with our agency partners and senior client teams, much was achieved in a relatively short period.

  • Delivery of a detailed five year customer experience strategy and plan across all touchpoints, and roll out across Europe, that connected all areas of the Lexus business round the customer interaction.

  • Improvements and innovations across the digital estate through use of data, insight and measurement.

  • Stakeholder management and advisor for digital support across European markets, increasing the role and results from digital activity.

  • Multiple awards including M&M Global, Best International Launch 2015 award for the Lexus NX campaign.

  • Global roll out of ground breaking virtual reality product experiences.

  • Establishing content editorial board to plan and direct content production.

  • Social strategy planning and launching European Instagram channel.

  • Digital channels proven to be the highest conversion channels throughout Europe.

  • Digital strategy set the creative brief for the Lexus website redesign, that went on to win DADI Best Website (Visual Design) and DADI UX/Usability awards in 2018.

Lexus Europe


3 year plan

Strategy account plan to firstly to reinvent the perception of digital, then be an equal, and finally lead.


The role of the agency from website design and build support to integrated campaigns, social, business strategy, in-store and more.

Sales growth

Lexus Europe is the biggest growth market globally, with digital the prime conversion channel.


Quality and creativity of project work is now award winning, ambitious and proven

Correct to end of 2016

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