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Luxury in
every detail

Campaign strategy, experience design, creative direction, content strategy, social strategy, virtual reality, mobile app development
Date: 2015 - 2016
Agency: Amaze

Launching the updated Lexus RX across Europe required a campaign to reinvent a motor icon for today's tastes, and to look into the car itself for inspiration.

The Lexus NX is a car made for luxury, and needed an approach rich in subtlety and style, but with a touch of glamour. Our digital approach was to divide our efforts into two phases, and two different experiences.

The big idea

As a brand icon the RX required an approach that celebrated its past and its future, and recognised the importance of quality and craftsmanship to prospective buyers. The central concept was to firstly showcase the RX through 'luxury in detail'.


The active second phase was to amplify the Jude Law led ATL campaign approach, as part of an integrated cross agency attack.

The solution 

Initially we created a premium and beautiful exploration of the RX to support the model reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Working with leading VR agency Rewind, we delivered a compelling and incredibly close showcase journey through the design of the RX for early hand raisers, while also providing high quality long-term product assets for wider use in campaign digital channels, at dealership and media. 


Later, we digitally provided a campaign heart and destination for search, marketing, social, PR and media. By harnessing the above-the-line campaign, our solution enabled consumers to make decisions that shape their view of ‘The Life RX’, in continuation of the TV commercial narrative, effectively participating in the story through a personalised video-based experience and fulfilling on the campaign message and concept.


The latest integrated campaign resulted in huge increases on our ambitious targets, and resulted in dramatic results in customer conversion.

  • FWA site of the day: April 2015

  • Awwwards special mention: October 2015

Lexus Europe


Conversion rate versus
site visits


Mobile app downloads, ten times increase on previous campaigns


Conquest audience, 26% increase
on campaign target


Car configurations, a campaign increase of 60,000


Reduction in bounce rate on
previous campaigns

Brochure requests, a campaign
increase of 45,000


Correct for campaign timeframe

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