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Enter a world of
Striking Angles

Campaign strategy, experience design, creative direction, content strategy, social strategy, virtual reality, mobile app development
Date: 2014-2015
Agency: Amaze

Launching the new Lexus NX throughout Europe with a campaign that needed to capture the attention of a new audience, and change people's perceptions of the Lexus brand.

The Lexus NX was as much a work of modern art as a crossover car. To reach a new ‘savvy’ audience our campaign needed to ‘go further’.

And digitally we took the campaign into uncharted territory.

The big idea

Prior to the ATL campaign we aimed to reach a design literate and sophisticated customer we first created a number of groundbreaking digital interactions that showcased the unique design, and driving experience designed round the campaign positioning: creating immersive experiences we enabling customers to bring the campaign theme to life and enter the world of 'striking angles'.

This resulted in generated sales leads and built an engaged, intrigued conquest audience ahead of the car’s arrival and the marketing activity.

As the campaign went public digitally we progressively grew and unlocked content in line with the campaign plan.

The solution 

The solution delivered a tightly integrated campaign built around three activation points: NX House (a progressively unlocking campaign website and heart of the campaign), branded mobile apps, and globally touring a daring head controlled virtual reality driving and configuration experience in Oculus Rift: a digital first for the industry that enabled potential customers to exclusively experience the NX before physically available.


The success of the integrated campaign resulted in huge increases in consumer engagement and hand-raising data capture, often doubling any target set, and is now considered a blueprint for campaign planning for Lexus Europe.


  • Winner: M&M Global, Best International Launch 2015 award.

  • Finalist: BIMA, Automotive 2015

  • Finalist: Brand Republic, Digital Out-of-Home 2015

  • FWA site of the day: April 2015

Lexus Europe


increase on test drive requests 
from previous campaigns


increase in car configurations from previous campaigns


Conquest audience new to the
Lexus, an increase on 40%


Brochure requests, and increase
of 150% on average

Average dwell time, an increase of 40% from previous campaigns

Correct for campaign timeframe

More on Lexus NX



months early sales
target reached

'The ground-breaking... immersive virtual experience, very much mirrors the tone and stylisations of the Lexus Striking Angles campaign. It is an integral part of the launch, offering consumers a unique and personal way to experience the NX.'

Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe

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