The future of

Date: 2009
Agency: Conchango

Services: strategy, experience design, future vision

In 2009 Barclays Bank were looking for thought-leading concepts in the banking sector to challenge the accepted view of digital banking, and to give them future direction and vision for financial services in an emerging digital world.

The big idea

Working as conceptual team, we developed a 'Year in the Life' framework of interlinked character personas for a family that took place during one calendar year.


Our Vision project delivered an in-depth view of consumers’ everyday digital interactions in the everyday world in the near future, and explored Barclays’ potential role in this evolving landscape.

Our work showed how a bank could behave in a digital world to support everyday life, and laid foundations for both the brand and customer experience development.

The design

The final experience design presentation was used to demonstrate to senior management how banking could fit into this new connected digital world, and was highly influential in directing further agency work for both Barclays and Barclaycard.

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