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the brand

Strategy, experience design, service design, creative direction, user experience design, project management.

Date: 2010-2011

Agency: Conchango

Restructuring, redesigning the T-Mobile UK site to reconnect the brand to the online presence from brief to go live in nine weeks.

Given mere weeks to redesign the UK site of 1500 existing pages, from concept to go live, we based ourselves in the client office and worked closely with the senior client team to be bold in establishing branded and engaging user experience that simplified and informed.

The big idea

We did just that, vastly reducing the range and complexity of the existing site, and bring the brand to life in a ecommerce experience. Our approach took cues from creating a user experience that was almost invisible for customers, linking and connecting round their needs, and demystify the confusion on mobile phone choices.

We aimed to connect their islands.


The design

The final design reduced the volume of pages and content on site dramatically, even managing to reduce the number of customer facing tariffs. This resulted in vastly improved customer journey and navigation, and brought a fresh brand look and feel to previously inconsistent presence.


The results
The redesign was a large scale success, laying a foundation for senior management to redefine the role of digital channels for the brand. Forward thinking at this time, we created a YouTube channel dedicated to the product launch of the G1 device to show how to get the most our of the new device, vastly reducing enquiries to the call centre and operational costs.

T-Mobile became part of EE since the completion of this project and this site is no longer live.



Increase in conversion rate


Increase in sales in first week alone


Increase in account sign in and registration


Positive Serco rating for usability

Correct three months after launch

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