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A personalised

Experience strategy, experiential design, service design, user experience design, prototyping, variant testing and product development, in-store implementation and design.
Date: 2014
Agency: Amaze

An interactive in-store Product Advisor to offer customers a more in depth one-to-one experience, and delivers the brand expertise in retail stores.

Incorporating more digital touch points within ASICS’ retail stores was a key part of the sportswear brand’s customer experience strategy: whether a customer is visiting the store to buy or just to browse.

The problem was that they had tried and failed three times. So they gave us one last shot.


The big idea
The installation would bring the science and brand expertise to customers everywhere. But to get the perfect product, personal questions and details needed to be known, not something people want on a public six foot display.

So the answer needed to create a simple experience that people feel comfortable using, one that takes them to a personalised recommendation in a enjoyable way.


The design

A highly immersive silent salesman tool, the in-store feature uses a variety of interactive technologies which ‘communicate with one another’ in a natural and engaging customer centric experience. A connected large wall mounted screen and iPad, rich 4K video, depth and motion tracking cameras combine to react to passing customers, and attract them to interact. 


By answering a series of questions through the iPad, customers are gradually matched to their recommended shoe and apparel, selected using their personal preferences, goals and current running habits. 

The results
The Advisor has been installed in flagship stores across Europe, and a portable version was created to tour events and marathons in a number of countries. Consumer interaction has been a success with completion rate and store visitor use double our initial targets.

ASICS Europe


Full experience completion rate, against a target of 50%


Use by store visitors,
against a target of 10%

Correct three months after launch

‘We’re incredibly proud of this latest launch and hope our customers enjoy and benefit from our latest digital offering.’

Martin Block, Education and Training Manager ASICS Europe.

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