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Concept creation, future vision, strategy and planning, experience strategy and design, content strategy, social strategy.

Date: 2011-2012

Agency: TH_NK

To celebrate Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary BBC Worldwide approached us to recommend how this landmark would be amplified digitally.

The Doctor has been on our televisions and part of our culture since the sixties. Just how do you bring all this together into a single digital experience?


The big idea

Our solution played to our biggest asset: 50 years of archive content and harnessing a fragmented but active worldwide fan base.


The proposition, 'Hearts of Time', was to create the official central destination, one that could 'switch modes' pre, during and post each episode transmission. On-air and time shifted broadcasts would be supported by a transmedia and multi-screen strategy that rewarded our audience the deeper they engaged and the more they committed, through storytelling, gaming and content creation.

The design

With this experience there was no beginning, middle or end. There was not start point, but an infinite four dimensional canvas of stories, characters and events to be discovered and unlocked through time. And along the way, each Doctor would appear and unlock more content and more features.

The deeper you explored, the more you would find.

BBC Worldwide

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