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Accessibility through
deeper design

Customer experience strategy and design, creative direction, accessibility design, user experience design, audience segmentation, user testing, digital transformation.
Date: 2018-2019

Agency: Aqueduct

People who live with disabilities face daily challenges, from access to services to finding trusted advice and information. As one of the leading disability charities, Scope have campaigned for over fifty years to change attitudes and opinions, they have set a mission to become a truly digital organisation, creating and providing services that can make a difference to the lives of those who need them most.

This transformation would need to touch all areas of the Scope operation and allow content and features to be targeted to different audience needs. Collaborating as a single team, we acted as strategic design partner to Scope to design and develop a digital ecosystem that provided an easy to use, self-sustainable technically advanced platform. Transferring skills and knowledge to the Scope team enabled them to own and control their own channels, and to support and amplify the brand redesign and direction.


The approach

Working as a collaborative single team, our approach was based upon a ‘Deeper Design’ methodology to set a new benchmark in accessible design and transform the way Scope operated their ecosystem and provide a new website that surpassed the access accessibility design standards.


Achieved by extraordinary depth of user interviews, ethnographic and user observations and rapid prototype design, these collective methods are based on a comprehensive and empathetic understanding of the audience and their experiences. Continuously learning and improving through user testing, we designed not just for tasks but with an understand of the emotions, situations and physical influences that our audiences faced. 

The solution
The redesign enabled the Scope team to create and publish content to the ecosystem with a bespoke CMS and API development, with a single content repository at its heart.

  • Atomic in design, the final delivery was naturally reusable and modular to create a library of components for any need

  • A single destination that will bring all Scope properties and functionality together for the first time

  • Optimised the platform to for fund-raising and sponsorship donations

  • Consulted the brand design team with digital expertise

  • Integrated and connected with the active Scope community

  • Provided a destination for those with disabilities and those that their

  • families, guardians, supporters, donors and corporate sponsor

  • Created a foundation for the future of the charity’s digital ambitions

The platform design was recognised for its achievements in inclusive and accessible design.

  • WinnerBIMA award for website and apps 2019



reduction in retail and funding bounce rate


reduction in new visitor
bounce rate


increase in page load
speed times


reduction in search refinement after initial search

Correct two months after launch

‘One of the most important moments on a project like this is when you choose your main partner who is going to deliver the project. We chose Aqueduct because they’d delivered great accessibility on similar projects, and because they shared our ambition to go above and beyond the legal requirements.’

Ceri Balston, Scope Head of Digital

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