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With a career that started in creative and pivoted to strategy, I have developed many areas of expertise and skills from both a strategic and creative point of view, enabling me to lead accounts and projects from the outset to the completion, and back again.

Brand services
Understanding what is unique about a brand creates a platform for new thinking
Determining the brand position 

Understanding and defining the brand platform, proposition and framework to understand and target business success.

Informed through research and analysis

Identifying the landscape through data, research and trends, insights and competitor analysis and benchmarking.

Finding the market gap and opportunity

Determining how a brand can differentiate through collaborative workshops, gap analysis and new ideas to reach new audiences, 

Planning and designing how to transform a brand though the customer context
Mapping the future service blueprint 

Designing the future customer experience and mapping the level of effort and investment to transform the brand experience.

Creating the guiding creative strategy

Translating the business direction into strategies, value propositions and initiatives that brings the brand to life in the customer experience.

A multi-sensory strategy approach

Creating a blended approach that ensures the products and services are viewed from a connected experience perspective.

Strategy services
Customer experience
Planning and designing the customer experience and points of engagement with brand products and services 
Audience segmentation and customer profiles

Understanding customer motivations, behaviours and objectives through psychology and voice of customer to define foundational customer profiles

Customer experience strategy

Creating the vision for the what, where, when, how and why that shapes and defines the ideal brand customer experience from prospect to advocate. 

Customer journey mapping

Visualising the story of the customer experience and points of engagement to complete a task and build long term relationships with brands.

Experience design
Designing meaningful experiences that target the customer mindset through connected activations and services 
Connected customer experience design

Designing key moments of value exchange across connected digital, in-store, CRM and virtual touch-points

Discovering new ideas and innovation

Processes and programmes to identify new ideas and areas of opportunity for the brand through collaborative workshops and future vision creation.

Campaign planning and design

Integrated omni-channel strategies and activations to reach, engage and convert customers, and meet the business measure of success.

Over twenty years of award-winning brand experience strategies, activations and campaigns

J.K. Rowling's Pottermore
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