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Working in partnership with senior clients and internal agency teams to create, develop and define a strategy that builds on business objectives, values and goals.
Digital and brand

Many brand strategies don’t fully adapt to the digital world and need to be built upon to transform, guide and influence customer experiences across the digital journey.

Strategy and planning

Innovation programmes
and workshops

Collaborative innovation and business transformation to make real business impact, identify new ideas and mentor teams through bespoke programmes.

I’ve been creating digital experiences and campaigns for twenty years for some
of the worlds biggest and most ambitious brands, building client relationships through
the right ideas, at the right time, for the right audience.

Blending strategic thinking with creative direction, I work alongside senior clients at the heart of accounts to translate business goals into transformational brand strategies, intelligent customer led experiences, integrated campaigns and innovative programmes of work.


Digital vision and propositions

A statement of who clients are, what they trying to do and how they will do it, articulated in frameworks showing how brand personality will influence customer experiences.
Research, insights, and defining measurement   

From discovery and analysis to understanding the landscape and trends, determining the challenge, identify opportunities and goals and what success looks like.
Content marketing, CRM, and value exchange strategy

Defining an editorial methodology and long term plan across all collateral, defining the brief and purpose for content production and lead nurturing.

Brand services

Experience design

Customer experience
strategy and design

Creating a long term and connected approach to a client’s customer engagement across all branded touch points and channels, providing something distinctive and purposeful to plan and influence business thinking and services.
Audience segmentation and journey mapping

Understanding audience needs and motivations and mapping the ideal omnichannel journey across all physical and digital touch-points, to help decision making, and identify new ideas and requirements.
User experience design, 
prototyping and user testing

A digital champion for strategic thinking to establish a joined up approach to campaign management, ensuring each digital channel is focused on the identified campaign objectives and a measurable return on investment.
New business

Working with teams to provide strategic rationale, insights and positioning to respond to new business opportunities, RFP writing, strategic structure and pitch presentation
In-store and experiential design

Looking at the physical store experience, customer behaviour patterns and the opportunities for digital integration, creating a valuable and complementary digitally enabled consumer experience.
KPI framework and
data analysis

Translating strategy and critical success factors into a measurement criteria to support the successful delivery of the platform or project, and enabling everyone to refer back to a project starting point and look for improvement.
Accessibility and deeper design

Designing with a deep understanding of the user and audience needs, motivations and behaviours, and creating new benchmarks in accessible design.
Content, channel and
contact strategy

Deciding what content and functionality is needed, how its planned and governed, when its most effective and where to distribute and across branded channels to create meaningful and engaging customer experiences.

Defining how social channels can be used to deliver content, communications, customer service and commerce to maximise return, campaign impact, efficiencies, and rationale on which channels to support and launch.
Strategy services
Creative direction
and new concepts

Translating the brand personality and bringing the strategic plan to life through creative briefs and hands on direction to produce imaginative, ambitious and crafted creative ideas and execution. 
Integrated campaign design
and direction

Devising award winning campaigns for products, services and new concepts, working alongside other teams to provide a joined up approach to campaign planning and delivery, with measurable return on investment.

Creative and concepts

Website and digital ecosystem design

Leading and directing large scale platform and wider ecosystem design, from understanding business needs to  translating into the customer experience, art direction and finding and working with third parties.
Virtual reality
360˚ video

From research to conceptual ideas, and storyboarding innovative virtual reality experiences for brands, then managing the production design from start to finish for use in-store, branded content or as part of a campaign.
Mobile applications
and in-store

Creating mobile app brand experiences from concept to app store submission, and managing the definition, strategy, production, delivery and distribution of final customer facing apps.
and standards

Supplying detailed final guidelines to support delivery. Capturing and informing on tone, stylisation, rules and strategic objectives in order to maintain and evolve final assets, features and properties.
Creative services
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